“V as LoVe is an idea. This is the project


of accompany to the altar every bride


with a little piece of herself in the hands –


something which stays by her side forever.”


V as LoVe is Vic.

And Vic is simply the short for Ludovica, the part of me who can’t keep her hands at pace and therefore needs to create.  It’s the passion I feel every single morning when I wake up and I can’t stop thinking about the loads of things I would like to realize in just one day and how beautiful it is to see something conceiving from nothing and take it to its total accomplishment.

Class 1984, I was born under the sign of the Libra, I love anything concerned to art, fashion, design and lifestyle. I have a degree in Internal Design at the “Politecnico di Milano” but I early left this career to follow the art and I had the great opportunity to work for one of the most important person of the national outline: Marco Lodola. Here all the passion I have for anything concerned to handicrafty, handmade and precision production grew in a staggering way so to convince myself I could use it to create my own job.